Harvard Uncovered: Brian

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“I really enjoyed this opportunity and it lived up to all of my expectations. It was a little awkward at first to think about these questions because these are things I generally try to avoid or simply don’t think about. I hate being sentimental but it was an awesome opportunity to share my thoughts about Harvard and life in general. This process made me realize what my true values are, which I sometimes think about, but this project really forced me to actually do that. I want to thank Amy for making this project and allowing the people she interviews to really reflect and think about the questions we all avoid.”

Harvard Uncovered: Karen

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“Shooting this video has really made me realize the importance of self reflection to get the most out of the Harvard Experience. Life at Harvard is so busy, and I realized that it’s been awhile since I’ve taken a break and checked up on myself. I think that I used to be a very complacent person, but Harvard has made me into someone who thinks about issues and actually thinks about how I can change them. Not just self reflection, but also checking up on others I’ve realized is so important. Before college, I hadn’t realized the severity of mental health issues and not being to reach out when you’re not feeling okay. Just in general, I’m glad that Harvard has made me more intentional with my friendships and more cognizant of my surroundings.”

Harvard Uncovered: Alex

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“Participating in this project has made me actually take the time to think about my time here. Time passes so fast, after all, that it’s easy to forget that you are a real person with emotions and concerns that merit consideration. I’m glad Amy was so available and that we were able to meet in the (immensely soothing) Canaday courtyard. I think, from now on, I might take the time to reflect and maybe take my own advice about building up confidence. Words are useless, after all, without action and insight. Thanks, Amy, for the opportunity to get stared at by strangers!”

Harvard Uncovered: Bushra

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“I always knew the power of reflection; how important it is to step back and to think about where you are in this point of your life. However, with the fast pace of Harvard and college in general, you often forget to do so. Making this video was definitely harder than it looked, but was so, so important. We need that daily reflection in life, and that’s what this gave me. I recommend anyone to ask yourself a couple hard questions a day, making sure you’re on the path you want to take in life.”