a starting point

hello. welcome. glad to meet you.

this blog, this site, this experience will be a story, because story-telling is enjoyable. and something at which i do not excel.

this will be the story of someone who is lost and confused, trying to find their way through this wild, beautiful, unforgiving world. any and all advice is appreciated.

I am a current freshman at Harvard University. It is October and I have been here for 2 months. I will not lie. It has not been easy, yet I have learned much. Adjusting to the pace of college life is a transition that carries many implications. We are now alone in the world, (largely) separate from our former identities. We are no longer guided by our families and loved ones. Instead, it is time to forge our own paths.

This is no simple task. At the moment, wherever you are in your life – toddler, middle school, mid-life crisis, retired – we have questions. We doubt, we reconsider, we fear. Am I taking the right classes?  Am I too late? Why is everyone else so much more x, y, z? So much happier? So much more fulfilled?

But we must remind ourselves: this is natural. We all experience these anxieties, or similar ones. Instead of letting it consume us, however, we must acknowledge them. And release them. Focus on the present, for it will bring you much more joy.


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