pt 2: so the world keeps turning

Whether I’m sitting in my poorly lit dorm room or outside in the Yard (it smells like dog food right now), it’s strange to think that the world could keep going on without you. A realization I stumbled upon quite a while ago, it becomes especially pronounced here, at college. Woke up late and missed a class – the teacher is most likely unaware. Skip dinner – no one will bring you food. To go to a school where everyone is so high achieving, so busy, so involved, can be daunting.

At any one time, we are almost certainly missing out on something cooler or more interesting or intellectually rewarding. The case of FOMO here is thick, basically palpable in the air. Everyone experiences it. At some point or another,  we all experience loneliness, alienation, sadness. I cannot count on both hands the number of celebrities and dignitaries who have been on campus. From Michael Phelps to Aung Sun Suu Kyi to Jimmy Kimmel, there has been an endless parade of celebrities on campus every waking moment. Hell, most of our professors are famous in their own right. While I truly admire those who seek out these people and are then able to share with their friends and followers a precious selfie, I realize that it is most likely not worth the time and energy, especially since we have so little of both. I crave personal connections, not artificial ones. For they are the ones that will replenish my energy levels, not sap them.

Take the leaps that you need to make your dreams come true. For really, it isn’t impossible and you can achieve whatever they may be. And so, if our ego ever gets over-inflated in the slightest, just remember, the world will keep turning. But it’s your responsibility to never let it turn without you.


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