pt 5: alone but not lonely

Freshman year, for many, can be a lonely time. It’s hard to make friends. Whatever. Everyone’s awkward, everyone’s uncomfortable. Get over it. Move on. Live your life.

We all fall on a scale – it just so happens we’re at an extreme, unfortunately. But once the realization that everyone has similar, if not the same, experiences, comes across, it’s comforting. Just coming to terms with it can be difficult and it is certainly a length process  and not an immediate switch.

We can not be around other people for extended periods of time and still be okay. Becoming comfortable with being yourself. It’s certainly a useful skill. To be able to be content without the flurry of other humans around you. To be able to exist without depending on the support of others, to be a complete entity, encapsulated in self. To be self-sufficient and not crippled by the absence of others. It is a hard life skill to develop. We struggle with it constantly. But bit by bit, we gradually become acclimated to existing independently.

We can find joy in solitary walks and happiness in dining alone. To be able to take care of yourself. It’s pretty great. We should all strive to be alone. But not lonely.


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