pt 8: take action

There’s a big difference between having dreams and having them become reality. For me, it’s been far too easy to fall into the trap of coming up with awesome ideas but never following up on them. In the whirlwind of my thoughts, the only constant is chaos. The ideas are easy. Easy to come up with, easy to mold, easy to see success with. Implementation, on the other hand…

It’s a matter of holding yourself accountable to yourself and your aspirations. Learn the skills that you need to take you to wherever you may want to go. Reach out to people who inspire you, have helped you, can teach you. Do the things that make you uncomfortable, hesitant, doubtful. Without trying, you’ll remain where you began. This all is something that periodically surfaces to my mind, but then distractions abound.

This is a call for action. Get shit done. Focus. Do better. Challenge yourself. Work hard.


2 thoughts on “pt 8: take action”

  1. I love your blog. I can relate to wanting to really do something and then just giving up or get side tracked. I’ve been wanting to blog for over 2 years and finally just made my introduction blog today. I guess the fear of no one being interested in my writing has got to me. After struggling throughout the years with multiple problems I finally gave in and realized it’s not about me-I need to help others anyway I can.

    My plans are to blog about coping with invisible illnesses and diseases as I was born with a rare genetic condition called Ehlers Danlos, I also want to blog on mental health, and the greiving aspect of losing a loved one. I want to turn my negative experiences into something positive for others. I feel as if I can help one person in the world than my goal is accomplished. I still have a lot of learning to do about this blogging life, lol.

    I have followed you to check up on your updates. If you would like to check my introduction out please do so at :

    Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy your blogging.


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