Harvard Uncovered, video

Harvard Uncovered: Alyssa

Watch: Harvard Uncovered: Alyssa

“I enjoyed the exercise because I do like to share my perspective.

It’d be interesting to see the final product, especially answers to the same questions I was asked, because sometimes it feels like the thoughts you have are generic – people all have something in common, right? But on the other hand we have individual differences that are a result of our genes and knowledge and life experience thus far. And I’m guessing that’s the essence of this project, to get past the generic phase people usually stay at at the acquaintance level of knowing someone. But if you share intimate thoughts with just anyone, what will you have left to disclose when you want to forge an intimate relationship with someone? Hmm…”

“And then I am in love/with everyone I see” – Florence & the Machine, “Pure Feeling”

– Alyssa


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