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HNL week 1: hike, island, beach

~ it flew by ~

On the second day, not able to wait any longer, we barreled towards the mountains. With just a bit of poking around, we found a gated-off road that eventually became a pretty lovely hike with a pretty lovely view.

Coconut Island was up next. We toured their research facilities, where the Smithsonian, along with the Hawaiʻi Institute of Marine Biology and MarineGEO Hawaiʻi, was performing a bioblitz. Scientists from all over the world came together to survey the species-rich Kaneʻohe Bay. Yay field work (and using yogurt cups to hold specimens)!! It’s crazy to see the extreme marine diversity and it’s hard not to immediately want to get your scuba certs.

During the weekend, we volunteered at Ka Papa Lo’i O Kānewai in the morning and washed off the mud at Waikiki. The next day, a kind stranger 🙂 showed me around the windward side of Oʻahu – pretty dope hike (and, of course, endless views). Looking forward to seeing what else Hawaiʻi holds in store!


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