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not a beach sunset

you don’t always get the shot.

i biked 25 miles today, which, in retrospect, was a terrible idea for a weakling like myself. also, the past few days have been not great weather (gasp!). mainly overcast with drizzling rain here and there. sunsets, too, have been meh. so i, 12 miles away from the dorms, figured my time would be better spent on the windward side of o’ahu, being mesmerized by the ocean’s waves. around 6:30pm, i finally decided to head back. the sky didn’t look too promising and i felt so vindicated. good thing i didn’t go back earlier, good thing i enjoyed the waves and views. then, 30 minutes later, the sky began to light up. the most beautiful hues of pink and rich blues and orange clouds. though i was biking toward the sunset, my view was obstructed by the ridges ahead. but i didn’t want to let the few wispy clouds i could see get away. i instinctively pulled on to the side of the road, grabbed my camera, and began to snap away.

after a few similar pull-overs, i put my camera away for good. for the remainder of the ride back, i just kept craning my head until darkness fell. sometimes, it’s okay to let the shot go. instead, enjoy the moment as it unfolded before our eyes.

Version 2


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