pt 7: finals already?

It’s December already. It’s strange that the first semester of freshman year is almost over. Just two more finals left. Two finals away from freedom, however temporary that may be.

Personally, there’s been a persisting feeling of emptiness lately – in my mind, my actions, my general state of being. It’s become difficult to think about anything besides the studying that needs to be done, but hasn’t yet. Continue reading “pt 7: finals already?”

pt 6: it’s thanksgiving

As I sit on this rattling bus hurtling down Mass Pike, I feel overwhelmed. In the best way possible. It’s not out of a fear for what the future holds, which, trust me, is an all too common feeling, but instead out of this novel, though not unwelcome, feeling.

It hits me when I think of the university I’m oh-so-fortunate enough to attend. A few weeks ago, some of the brightest Chinese high school students descended upon Harvard’s campus to get a taste of our lives. To travel halfway around the world for a tiny glimpse of what being a student here is like. And I saw their hopeful faces light up with amazement after showing them Widener or Memorial Hall (but not upon showing them my dorm :)). It was refreshing to see the campus, the history, the bubble in which we cocoon ourselves, with a different, unjaded perspective. Continue reading “pt 6: it’s thanksgiving”