pt 4: let’s be random

Predictability. Not quite equivalent to boring. But not exactly not boring. Does that make sense? After a recent conversation, I was pushed to realize that following life plans aren’t the only way to lead a purposeful, fulfilling life. Instead of formulating a five-year plan, which certainly have their place in many people’s lives, we can take outlooks with shorter time horizons. Not five-years, but perhaps five months, weeks, or even days.

There’s nothing wrong with taking it bit by bit, in fact, I’d argue it’s ever more exciting. To never be quite sure of what’s to come would be akin to having a new adventure around every turn. Sure, that can be a bit nerve-wracking at times, but once we develop awareness of the reality of the situation, it can hopefully become a productive way to lead your life.

Instead of living life linearly, let’s take small random steps. See where it takes us.


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